Yogsquest 3: The rise of falandoff is a new series that continues the story of our 4 hero's story from the 1st one.

The story: Its a peaceful day in the town of wok. Our heroes rest after their adventure. Duncan decides to go to a Tavern, and learns that falandoff the Lord of evil, is going to enslave the world! Duncan runs to go tell his friends the bad news. Eventually, everybody decides to go back to the Tavern to figure out how to defeat him. The party learns that falandofs castle is surrounded by a barrier. To break the barrier, they need to find the tower of terror, and reach the top. So, the party goes to find the tower, and all they have to do is cross the plains and the river. And their journey starts now! As they enter the plains, they come across a skeleton. So Simon runs at it, an TRIPS, and loses 2 Hp.