Toby Cottrell is a member of the Yogscast. 


Toby has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a black hoodie with a white shirt underneath, blue jeans, and black sneakers.


Toby is a very outgoing, cool, and fun-loving character who likes to enjoy life, especially since he found friends who consider him as more than just a hammer-weilding freak who likes to smash things that get in the way. He is upbeat, smart, funny, and cheerful, but serious and heroic when he needs to be.

Toby is Martyn Littlewood's friend and sidekick. He sometimes joins Martyn on missions whenever he needs him.

Toby can be sometimes jealous of Martyn, though, because he isn't a ninja like Martyn.


He doesn't have one.


  • War Hammer (commonly used weapon) - He uses this to smash anything in his path. 


  • Graviton Drive
  • Sonic Swing
  • Hurricane Lutz
  • Smash Block
  • So Totally Smash (Special Signature Attack)


  • "That's my jam!"
  • "Wait, what?!"
  • "Oh, I see what you're doing."
  • "Let me show you what I've got."
  • "Nature Ninja Nature Ninja Nature Ninja Nature Ninja…"
  • "Not funny, dude. Just...not funny."
  • "I have a surfboard!"
  • "Yo, Martyn, check this out!"
  • "They should make me a ninja right now."
  • "Loser! Ha! Ha! Ha!"
  • "Don't call me useless!"
  • "But, Martyn, doesn't it take a lot of pressure to become a ninja?"
  • "Martyn's got his bo staff, I've got my hammer!"
  • "See ya, Nature Ninja!"
  • "Booyah!"


  • He is similar to Kaoru Matsubara/Powered Buttercup from Powerpuff Girls Z, as both are tough fighters and use a large hammer as a weapon.
  • His catchphrase and known battle cry, "Booyah", is similar to the catchphrase of Cyborg from Teen Titans.