The Plot Thickens
Fanon poem, the second part to The Yogscast Incident and posted on Jayden's Yogscast Wiki blog.
Year Unknown
Location Unknown
Author Jaydenbadboii
Posted 6th April 2013

The Plot Thickens is a terrible tale of Hannah and her fate, based on Jaydenbadboii's previous short fan-fiction, The Yogscast Incident. It is a rhyming tale and the words drift, making them easier to read. Bare in mind this is a POEM and should be read as a poem. This was made completely by Jayden on his own, so here you go, a special weekend treat.

The Plot Thickens

Was it fate?
Was it an alliance?
Was it mercy?
Is there something behind us?

Is it terror?
Is it truama?
Hannah's gonna die,
We must warn her!

Through thick and thin,
And layers of metal.
Through the ocean's eyes,
and a flower's petal.

Hannah is alive,
But not for long.
Why was it her?
She did nothing wrong.

She awakens,
That's great you see.
She means quite a lot,
To you and me.

She stands up tall and raises her eyes,
Hoping that the doctor's words were lies.
She walked down the corridor and there you saw,
A x-ray machine behind an iron door.
The door opened wide,
And Hannah went in.
Her breath was bitter,
Like the taste of gin.

She sat on the bench,
And then she saw.
Dark black walls,
And a creamy white floor.
The thoughts all then came flooding back.
"Come on!" Lewis thought,
"It's time to pack!".

Soon after a while, Martyn was ready.
Tom was waiting with a suitcase that's heavy.
They all left the building and there they was.
It was haunting and I'll tell you why because,
The gunmen were masked and filled with anger
But luckily Lewis knew just where to find her.

They rushed to the hospital and dodged all the bullets.
The door said push but instead Lewis pulled it.
He ran down the corridor and into the room.
Luckily, it was not all doom and gloom.
Hannah was laying there so tired but awake.
"What time do you call this, you're obviously late!".
Lewis took his time and this was the reward.
Hannah had already started to get bored.

She was injured and it took a while for her boyfriend to appear.
It made the girl almost want to swear.
She took her hand and proceeded to punch Lewis.
"Ow Hannah, why do you have to do this?!".
Hannah took another look at her man.
Needing some air, she turned on a fan.
Then she said the words Lewis didn't want to hear.
The words devoured him and stripped him bare.

Their relationship was over, or so it would look.
What a sad end to a story, it truly sucks.