Kaeyi's Crush
Kaeyi's got a huge crush on someone! Is it one of those godboys her fellow goddesses go for, or is it a certain ninja?
Year Unknown
Location Unknown
Author RachelandJessica123 (Jenny Williams and Rachel Lambton)
Posted 6/1/16

Part 1Edit

A few girls were practicing magic powers in a place called the Go-Palace. Surprisingly enough, these girls were not in the Yogscast.

These girls were known as "goddesses", and they were able to use their powers to help others around them. There were about seven of them: Diana, Athena, Kwan Yin, Persephone, Hera, Isis, and Venus. Athena was known for her intelligence, Diana was bold and strong, Persephone was mysterious and kind, Kwan Yin was calm and stoic, Hera was mature and level-headed, Isis was a tough fighter, and Venus was known for her beauty.

But, of all the goddess girls, one of them couldn't fit in.

Her name was Stephanie Louise, but the goddess girls called her Kaeyi. Kaeyi was in control of dreams. When she wasn't controlling the dreams of everyone else, Kaeyi controlled her own dreams, presumably her daydreams.


Kaeyi was fiddling around with the Yog-View, looking at each of the members and studying them carefully. As she looked at them one by one, she saw something that caught her eye.

Part 2Edit