Duncan Jones is the fourth member of the Yogscast.


Duncan has blonde hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark blue shirt, dark blue jeans, green sneakers, and a white lab coat. He also wears a pair of goggles.


Duncan is clever and inventive. As a Rad Scientist, he serves as the brains of the team.

Duncan is smart and very helpful to most of his teammates. He is a somewhat slick and suave scientist with a technical personality.

Likes & DislikesEdit


  • Science
  • Inventing things
  • Mathematics
  • Ping-pong
  • Doing research


  • When his machines get destroyed
  • When his inventions don't work as well as planned
  • When his calculations come out as wrong


Duncan puts on his goggles and says "Duncan Jones, Rad Scientist! GO!"


  • Lazer Gun
  • Portal-Porter
  • Plasma Lazer


  • Mind Virus Upload
  • Magnetism Manipulation
  • Electric Field
  • Technology Communication
  • Chaotic Android Control


  • "Pretty cool."
  • "You're lying."
  • "I reckon…"
  • "Gadzooks!"
  • "Whoa, there! Slow down!"
  • "Can you help me fix this?"
  • "Aha, I'm glad you could join me."
  • "Overly enthusiastic aren't you?"
  • "Well, that's perfect, because I don't want to go with grammatically incorrect people anyway."
  • "Don't touch the machines."
  • "Is that classified information?”
  • "Luckily my intelligence is intact, and is still capable of great feats of science!"
  • "I'm not a computer!"
  • "Eureka!"
  • "Great scott!"
  • "Oh my!"
  • "Interesting."
  • "Oh, fiddlesticks."
  • "At last, my greatest creation is now completed!"
  • "What do you propose happened?"
  • "Anything is possible."
  • "Good idea!"
  • "It's time for an experiment."
  • "Fascinating."
  • "I need volunteers! Who would like to help?"
  • "If anyone has any better ideas, I would be interested to hear them."
  • "You show impressive fortitude!"
  • "Excellent knowledge!"
  • "There is a situation that needs my attention."
  • "I am very proud of all of you!"
  • "I made my machines ninja-proof so that Martyn won't destroy any of them."
  • "Good work!"
  • "Let's continue our exploration."
  • "This better be important, you are interrupting my very delicate calculations."
  • "Thanks. I will read them in my lab."
  • "He's turned into a monster!"
  • "It's scientifically impossible!"
  • "I always try to stay safe."
  • "It's theoretically impossible...but let's try anyway!"
  • "Very good!"
  • "Oh dear, that isn't right."
  • "Aha! This is much improved."
  • "Shall I present a monologue on my past experiences?"
  • "Certainly!"
  • "Interesting observation!"


  • Duncan's appearance as a scientist resembles Neil Patrick Harris's character, Doctor Horrible, from "Doctor Horrible's Sing along Blog".
  • It is possible that he is ambidextrous, because sometimes he writes with his left hand and other times, he uses his right.
  • He is one of the smartest members of the Yogscast.
  • Duncan is good with numbers.
  • His way of saying "Great Scott" is similar to Dr. Emmet L. Brown from Back to the Future, a popular movie franchise.